Hot Roll

Hot Roll is a new video poker variant. It adds two dice to the game. This creates a multiplier. An additional five coins per line must be wagered to have this bonus feature available.

The odds of a Hot Roll appearing are one in six. The average win is seven times the original wager. This means that the additional five coins return exactly 100 percent. The difference is adding variance to the game. If you do not want to play the Hot Roll feature, just bet five coins and it will be a standard game.

When the Hot Roll feature is activated, two dice will appear on the screen. They roll and your multiplier is equal to the amount rolled. If it rolls a ten, your multiplier for all hands on this deal is 10 times the bet. There is no multiplier five out of six times, on average.

Hot Roll is only available at live casinos. No online casinos offer the game.

How to Play Hot Roll Video Poker

Playing Hot Roll video poker is identical to playing a standard game. Insert cash or a ticket into the machine. After that, choose you denomination. You will typically find nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar and dollar. After that, pick your game. Make your bet by clicking the max bet button. This will automatically deal cards.

Once you have cards, click the ones that you would like to keep. Click the draw button to replace the discards. Fresh ones will replace the ones you threw away. If you make a four of a kind, you will get to spin the wheel. If you are dealt four of a kind, you will spin it for every hand you played.

When you are done playing Wheel Poker, click the cashout button. This will print a ticket that you may take to the cage or use in a different machine in the casino.

How to Find the Best Hot Roll Machine

The return of Hot Roll is identical to standard video poker games with the same pay table. You should be looking for Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus where a full house pays nine per coin and a flush pays six. For Bonus Poker, you want a full house that pays eight and a flush paying five. For Double and Triple Double Bonus, you want nine for a full house and seven for a flush.

You will have difficulty finding these good pay tables for Hot Roll video poker. This is like most other video poker variants. Keep in mind that every coin lower for a flush or full house lowers the return about one percent. At some point, the game becomes unplayable and you should consider finding better pay tables on other machines.

Hot Roll Video Poker Strategy

The video poker strategy is identical between Hot Roll and its associated game. For example, if you are playing Bonus Poker, follow that strategy. This recommendation remains if the hand is a multiplier one.

How to Increase Your Return at Hot Roll Video Poker

The first step for increasing your return at Hot Roll Poker is finding the best pay table. In general, you will need to play quarter and higher denominations to get 99 percent and better games. This means that you will need to bet at least $2.50 per line on quarters. This can add up quickly, especially on a 10-play version. You should ensure that your bankroll can handle the denominations with the better pay tables. If you do not have enough cash to play it responsibly, choose another game with a better payback and lower variance.

Once you have chosen the best Hot Roll game, make sure that you have a players card from the casino. You can get one from the players center or, in some casinos, from a slot attendant.

This players card is placed into a slot on the machine. Make sure the screen recognizes you. If it does not, you will need to remove it and slide it into the slot again. This card will track your play. It awards slot points based on the amount you bet. These points may often be converted into free play, cash or food comps.

Guests that visit the casino enough and make consistently large bets receive great offers by mail and email from casinos. These include free slot play, hotels and meals. The casino will assign regulars a host. This person will cover your meals and hotels during your visits. You may also get show tickets and have the host make all reservations for you.

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