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Online casinos exist in many different forms, and the types of casinos that are available to you as a player will vary greatly depending on where you live. Even within the same country, some areas may have different online casinos available than others due to local laws or regulations. For example, in the US there are certain states that offer fully regulated online casinos where the sites operate according to that state’s regulations.

US Online Casinos with Slots

The dynamic for online slots players in the United States is certainly one of the most unique in the whole world. Where many countries have fully licensed and legalized online gambling companies (especially those in the EU; or more specifically the United Kingdom), this could not be further from reality in the US.

Years of legal disputes and changes have helped shape the current landscape of online slots within the USA. Today, only a few states have taken the initiative in actually creating a gambling infrastructure where players can join online casinos that are completely regulated by a government body. These states are very limited and only include Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Nevada also regulates and offers fully monitored online gambling, but they currently only allow poker to be played and not any traditional casino games and especially not any online slots.

The important thing to remember when looking at online slots casinos in the United States is that you should consider joining a website that has a very lengthy and positive history in the online gambling industry. There isn’t much sense in playing real money slots at a website that has only been around for a few months when there is no shortage of online casinos that have been around for many, many years. Yes, some of these new operators may very well be 100% safe and legitimate, but you have to ask whether it is worth the risk.

One of the most common questions that slot players in the US ask is whether it is “legal” for them to play at online casinos. Now, this questions certainly comes with a number of caveats. The general consensus (and remember, we are not offering any legal advice whatsoever) is that it is completely legal for the players to join and participate in playing online slots.

Non-US Online Casinos with Slots

Slot machine enthusiasts from virtually anywhere in the world can play online slots to one extent or another. The players with the largest amount of fully regulated online casinos to choose from, however, are located in the UK and other nearby European territories.

The UK has been at the forefront of not only online gambling but also gambling in general for hundreds of years. Whether discussing brick and mortar casinos in London or playing slots at a popular online casino, UK citizens are fortunate to have plenty of gaming options.

Most of the online casinos that are available to US players are also available to non-US players. Many of the casinos that are offered to UK or other European players, however, are*not* available to United States players. These slots casinos will automatically block your access based on your location, which the website can automatically detect.

Since the world is a very large place, we recommend researching the rules, laws and regulations that are in effect in the area that you live. You may find that you can play slots at publicly traded, large online casinos like bet365 or William Hill, or you may realize that US facing sites are also your best option.

How We Review Online Slots Casinos

What makes an online casino an “online slots casino”? In the opinion of the team at Slots Edge, we believe it is an online casino that places an emphasis on not only offering slots, but also providing a large volume of games to choose from in tandem with high quality and frequent new game releases. There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, but many of them tend to place more effort in different areas of their casino. For example, a casino may be more known for its poker room or its live dealer table games than it is for its slot machine offerings.

We do review some online casinos that may not be the best site to play slots at. In this case we will simply make note that slots are not the selling point and provide additional honest feedback and info on the brand.

Slot Game Selection

One primary element in rating or reviewing a slots casino is found in its number of different slot game titles that are offered. Some online casinos offer a few dozen unique slots while others may have hundreds or even over a thousand slots to choose from.

It goes without saying that a solid selection is a selling point for any noteworthy online slots casino. If a brand only has a few different games to choose from, it is unlikely that they will add a significant amount in the future.

Types of Slots Offered

New types of online slot titles and even entire categories are always being created. In addition, whole new categories of games and slot providers are introduced to the market each year. Unless you only play a handful of specific games, the odds are that you will want to browse games from a number of different slot machine producers.

Some online casinos offer slots from brands that differ from other casinos. Sometimes the game providers offered at a specific casino are a product of your location because a provider may not be licensed to operate in a given territory. For example, you won’t find Aristocrat slot games at US online casinos, whether you are playing for real money or for fun. Yes, there are practice versions that can be found on some websites, but they are not as of yet actually on regulated online casinos.

Most casinos will have the standard selection of slot types to choose from, including reel slots, video slots and progressive slots. Some will offer more interactive games as well. If Slots Edge recommends a certain online casino, it is a safe assumption that they will offer every category of slot with many different titles.

Casino Reputation and Credibility

You do not want to join an online casino that has a negative or otherwise suspicious reputation, regardless of how awesome its selection of slot games may be. We provide honest critique in each of our slot casino reviews, telling you about both the positive and negative marks in the history of any casino brand.

For the most part, we do not review or promote brands that have any poor history that may harm players in the future. The only exception to this would be if a previously safe casino turns into a scam over time. In this case we will do our best to make note that a casino should be avoided indefinitely.

The goal of reviews at Slots Edge is made up of two primary elements. First, we want to provide you with every bit of detail possible, and second, we want to deliver the most honest and transparent facts available. We encourage your interaction and input into any online slots casino that is reviewed at Slots Edge, and most especially as it relates to reputation and player safety.

Slot Payback & RTP at Online Casinos

The payback percentage at an online slot is the amount that is, on average, returned to the player on any random wager. For example, if a machine is listed as a 98% payback game, that means that $100 worth of spins (50x$2 spins would be $100) should pay back $98. Now, this a slot payback percentage is based on very large volume over the life of a machine, so you shouldn’t expect an online slot to pay this amount back with each individual session.

Online slots tend to pay more than land based casino slot machines do. This is due to a number of factors, including competition, speed of play and lower overhead. With that said, the problem with online slot casinos is that they are usually not very tightly regulated. As such, you should play at a casino who goes out of their way to prove that their slots are fair and that their promoted slot payback percentage has been proven and verified.

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