Ultimate X Bonus Streak

Ultimate X Bonus Streak is a variant of the popular Ultimate X family. Like the original version of the game, it involves winning multipliers on future hands. However, the way the multipliers are earned are much different between the two games.

Ultimate X Bonus Streak is available in three, five and ten-play versions. Most machines start at the penny denomination. You may find some that start at nickel in larger casinos.

Like its parent game, Ultimate X Bonus Streak requires an additional wager of five coins per line. On a ten-play game, that is 50 additional coins. These additional coins are not in play in terms of the pay table. The extra five coins per hand trigger multipliers that are in play for future hands.

We do not recommend playing any Ultimate X machine without paying the five coins to trigger the multipliers. That is because Ultimate X pay tables are lower than traditional games because of the added value of the multipliers.

Ultimate X Bonus Streak is not spread at online casinos. You will only find this game at live casinos.

Differences Between Ultimate X and Ultimate X Bonus Streak

The multipliers work differently between Ultimate X and Ultimate X Bonus Streak. In Ultimate X Bonus Streak, multipliers are earned on multiple hands after a win with a three of a kind or better in traditional games and flush or better in wild card games. The amount of the multiplier and the number of hands it stays depends on the rank of the winning hand. It varies from one game to another. The multiplier is only awarded to the hand slot where the winning hand appeared. It is possible to have different multipliers or none within the same multi-hand game.

The multipliers and length are based on the game and winning hand. For three of a kind in non-wild card games, one hand with two times and another with four times is awarded. A straight or flush adds an eight times round. A full house or better adds a ten- and twelve-times round. Bonus Poker Deluxe, available on some games, moves the straight down to the three of a kind tier.

Wild card games, like Deuces Wild and Deuces Wild Bonus, only use two tiers. This means that in these games, you can only win up to three multiplier rounds. A flush and full house earn a two times and four times round. A straight flush, five of a kind or royal flush add an eight times round, for a total of three.

If a player wins a hand during a multiple cycle, all remaining hands in the cycle become 12 times. For example, if a player makes a hand that awards five multiplier rounds, and makes three of a kind or better in a non-wild card game or a flush or better in Deuces Wild, the entirety of remaining multipliers become 12 times.

In standard Ultimate X games, the multiplier only lasts one hand, regardless of the strength of the previous hand. The multiplier can only appear in consecutive hands if the player wins again in that slot.

How to Find the Best Ultimate X Bonus Streak Machine

It is hard to compare traditional pay tables to Ultimate X ones. That is because the multipliers greatly increase the return of the game. We recommend playing Bonus Poker, if available. It is generally the best game on a machine that adds about one percent to the payback. Double Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild are other good options. Ideally, you would like a Bonus Poker game that pays seven per coin on a full house. Six per coin is acceptable for lower denominations.

Ultimate X Bonus Streak Strategy

The strategy for Ultimate X Bonus Streak is the same as standard Ultimate X. The major change from traditional video poker is holding on to three-card flushes due to the multipliers.

How to Increase Your Return at Ultimate X Bonus Streak

The only perk you will get while playing Ultimate X is free drinks. To increase this return, drop by the players center before sitting at the machine. Get a players card from the casino. This requires a valid photo ID. Slot attendant at some casinos can also get you a card.

Once you have the card, slide it into the slot on the machine. Make sure that the card is accepted before playing. This will track your bets and award slot points that may be used for free slot play and comps. Higher volume players will receive mailers that include free slot play, plus meal and hotel offers. You may also receive a host if you give enough action.

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