Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is the most popular wild card game. All four deuces in the deck are wild. This changes the element of the game drastically from a traditional video poker game that does not have wild cards.

The most noticeable difference is that it takes three of a kind to get paid on Deuces Wild. Most non-wild card games only require a pair of jacks or better. Joker Poker, the other popular wild card game, usually requires kings or better. Some Joker Poker games require two pair for a pay.

Why You Should Play Deuces Wild

The variance on Deuces Wild is much lower than most other popular video games. The exception are Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. This is because of the payout on four deuces being one-quarter that of a natural royal flush but it’s about nine times more likely to occur. This extra jackpot hand and the many that return the bet back on trips help keep players in the game longer.

Full pay Deuces Wild is the video poker game with the highest player return. It pays 100.76% with five coins wagered and perfect play. This game is found throughout the locals market in Las Vegas.

Why You Should Not Play Full Pay Deuces Wild

The strategy for Deuces Wild is difficult to learn. It may confuse you if you play other games, especially if that other game involves wild cards. The pay table at many casinos will be terrible for the game.

Deuces Wild Full Pay Table

The pay table below returns 100.76% with perfect play and five coins wagered. It is only common in Las Vegas. The second pay table is what is referred to as Not So Ugly Deuces. It is more common in other markets. To determine the payout, multiply the number of coins wagered by the amount shown.

  • Natural royal flush: 800 (250 if betting fewer than five coins)
  • Four deuces: 200
  • Wild royal flush: 25
  • Five of a kind: 15
  • Straight flush: 9
  • Four of a kind: 5
  • Full house: 3
  • Flush: 3
  • Straight: 2
  • Three of a kind: 1

Not So Ugly Deuces Pay Table

  • Natural royal flush: 800 (250 if betting fewer than five coins)
  • Four deuces: 200
  • Wild royal flush: 25
  • Five of a kind: 16
  • Straight flush: 10
  • Four of a kind: 4
  • Full house: 4
  • Flush: 3
  • Straight: 2
  • Three of a kind: 1

Where to Find Full Pay Deuces Wild

Full pay Deuces Wild is only available in the Las Vegas market. All Station Casinos have it. This includes Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Palms, Boulder Station, Texas Station, Santa Fe Station and Palace Station. Sam’s Town on Boulder Highway also has the game.

Deuces Wild Strategy

The strategy below is used when playing full pay Deuces Wild at Las Vegas locals casinos. Start at the top and work your way down until you find your hand. Note that there is a section for what to do depending on the number of wild cards dealt.

Dealt no deuces

  • Royal flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Four to a royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Four to a straight flush
  • Three to a royal flush
  • Any pair
  • Four to a flush
  • Four to an open-ended straight
  • Three to any straight flush
  • Four to an inside straight
  • Two suited cards jack and higher

If none of the above applies, discard all.

Dealt one deuce

  • Hold full house or higher
  • Four to a royal flush
  • Four to a straight flush with three connecting cards
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • All remaining straight flush draws
  • Three to a royal flush
  • Three to a straight flush with two connecting cards six or higher

If none of the above applies, hold only the deuce.

Dealt two deuces

  • Any hand four of a kind or better
  • Four to a royal flush
  • Four to a straight flush with two consecutive cards six and higher

If none of the above applies, only hold the deuces.

If dealt three deuces, only hold a royal flush. In all other cases, only hold the three deuces. If dealt four deuces, hold all cards.

How to Increase Your Return at Deuces Wild

The only place to find full pay deuces is at Station Casinos and Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. Station Casinos properties include Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Texas Station and Fiesta. The Station Casinos machines require twelve times the normal coin-in to generate a point. The ones at Sam’s Town do not pay any points at all. We do not recommend using a players card on full pay Deuces Wild if it is the only game that you play. If you play other games, do not use a card in full pay Deuces Wild for more than half your action.

If you play other versions of Deuces Wild, you will receive points and generate offers if you use a players card. To get one, bring a valid ID to the players center. When you have the card, slide it into a machine. It will track your play and award slot points. The return on slot points tends to be 0/1% to 0.3%. These points ay be converted into free slot play or comps.

If you play enough, you may receive mailers. These include free hotel rooms, meals and slot play.

At online casinos, your play is tracked by the software. You will receive points from play without doing anything. Your first deposit will likely trigger a first deposit bonus. This should give you a boost from 0.1% to 1%, depending on the casino. Make sure to read the terms and conditions. You may also receive reload bonus emails or take advantage of other promotions, like point multipliers and point races.

Most importantly, you should know the strategy for the game. This will get you the best return out of the play. Do not forget to always bet five coins. If you cannot afford to at the denomination that offer full pay Deuces Wild, you are better off playing a lower limit with a worse pay table in most cases.

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