Criss Cross Poker

Criss Cross Poker is a table game based on a popular home poker game. It is dealt in Atlantic City. Borgata offers the most tables of it. Bally’s and Tropicana also spread the game in Atlantic City. It is not available at any online casinos.

How to Play Criss Cross Poker

The game starts with the player making two wagers. One is ante across. The other is ante down. The player may also make an optional five-card bonus bet. All bets must meet the posted table minimum. That is usually $5.

The player receives two cards. Five cards are dealt in the board in a plus sign in the center. The goal of the player is to make at least a pair of sixes in both directions.

The dealer does not receive any cards. The players are going for the best hand and are paid on its strength. There is no dealer hand to beat.

The player can make a wager from one to three times the across bet. This covers the cross from left to right. The other option is to fold. A player that folds at any point forfeits all previous bets and is out of the hand. The bonus bet is still alive when a player folds as it is based on the community cards.

The left and right card is then shown on the horizontal row. The player may then make a bet of one to three times the ante on the down bet or fold. The top and bottom cards are then displayed.

The player may then make a wager on the middle bet of one to three times the ante or fold. The dealer will then expose the center card. This puts all five cards face-up.

The dealer then exposes the player’s cards. The hand is compared to the down and across sides and paid accordingly. The middle bet pays both ways based on the best hand. If the player makes two pair one way and three of a kind the other, the player is only paid on three of a kind.

The ante is paid even money on any hand of a pair of jacks or better. It pushes on a pair of sixes through tens. The ante loses on all hands lower than a pair of sixes.

All bets are paid based on the following pay table. Multiply the payout by the number of dollars wagered. For example, a royal flush on a $5 bet would pay 500 to 1, or $2,500.

  • Royal flush: 500
  • Straight flush: 100
  • Four of a kind: 40
  • Full house: 12
  • Flush: 8
  • Straight: 5
  • Three of a kind: 3
  • Two pair: 2
  • Pair of jacks or better: 1
  • Pair of sixes through tens: Push

Five-Card Bonus Bet

The five-card bonus bet is based on the five community cards on the board. It does not include the player’s hole cards. The payouts are below. Multiply the payout by the amount wagered to determine the win.

  • Royal flush: 250
  • Straight flush: 100
  • Four of a kind: 40
  • Full house: 15
  • Flush: 10
  • Straight: 6
  • Three of kind: 4
  • Three of kind: 4
  • Pair of sizes or better: 1

Criss Cross Poker Strategy

The strategy for Criss Cross Poker is rather simple. On the first two bets, raise three times with any pair and queen-jack suited. Fold with two unsuited cards five or lower. Bet one times on all other hands.

For the middle bet, raise three times if you already have at least a pair of sixes. Bet one times if you made a three times bet in the first two rounds. Fold if you failed to improve and only have one card six and higher without any other draws.

How to Improve Your Return at Criss Cross Poker

Criss Cross Poker is only available at live casinos. To get rated at one, give the dealer your players card from the casino. If you do not have one, it is easy to get it. Hand your ID card to the dealer or pit boss. One will be made for you right at the table. There is no reason to go to the players center and wait in line for one.

Players at Criss Cross Poker tables usually receive free drinks. This does not require a players card. Players looking for more perks will want to use a players card. This will give players a chance to receive additional perks based on play. These include free table game bets, meals and hotel rooms.

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